The NEW TRIFECTA STRENGTH PROGRAM is made up of 3 Parts:
BODY... movements that matter & truly get you connected to your body.
MIND... awareness of your current state & honesty to your authentic self.
FLOW... the combo of connecting body and mind to take action from the center of self. This is where I teach you to become more intuitive.
-Get strong
-Get lean
-Get into your flow
-Feel good in your body
-Move like a flow beast!

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13 Videos

  • Trifecta Strength Program - Workout Day 1 - PUSH

    Fully follow-along workout with journaling, breathwork, a killer workout, and more breathwork!

    For Journaling...
    WRITE how you’re feeling
    WHAT & WHY you want to accomplish
    WHAT has held you back in the past

  • Trifecta Program - Pull Tutorial!

  • Trifecta Strength Program - DAY 2 - PULL

    This workout using pull and gravity for an amazing workout.
    Remember to follow along with the journal prompts and don't skip breathwork!
    This workout is for you to do on Day 2, every week of the program (once a week for 4-weeks).

  • Float & Flow Tutorial (with Beginner Handstand) WEEK 1-DAY 3

    Float and Flow is a workout that begins with mindful breathing combined with hip, shoulder, and spine mobility.
    This is a great workout to not only open the body and understand stability and strength but also if you are on your beginner handstand journey.
    Be ready to learn mindful skills while pu...

  • Power Ninja Coil Workout - WEEK 1 - DAY 4

    Workout Day 3, Week 1 of the Trifecta Strength Program

    I love to mix up different exercises and movements - constantly changing up the timing, how many rounds, and adding in various warmups and breathwork.

    And this is one of those workouts! We'll start with breathwork (it's a MUST) and go into ...

  • Trifecta Strength Program - LEGS - DAY 5 (WEEKS 1-4)

    45 seconds ON / 25 seconds REST
    Juicy moves for those fabulous legs of yours!
    Remember to follow along with the journal prompts and don't skip breathwork!

  • Trifecta Strength Program - COMBOS - DAY 6 (WEEKS 1-4)

    First we'll do breathwork & journaling. Then COMBO MOVES.
    Then, a FREEFLOW:
    Write your own combo, Tag me on social media & share it! The goal is to be able to take some moves you have learned and empower yourself to create a mini-flow for yourself.
    CALENDAR GUIDE: https://venusfit.lpages....

  • Trifecta Strength Program - PUSH - DAY 1 (WEEKS 2, 3, & 4)

    This PUSH WORKOUT is for you to repeat on the first day of the week for weeks 2, 3, and 4.
    Don't skip the breathwork and journaling! This series is ALL about connecting the mind to your body and to achieve optimal FLOW!

  • Calming + Healing Workout - WEEK 2, DAY 3

    This workout is meant to take you through lots of breathwork and movement that will get your heart rate going, but also be CALMING and not high-intensity. I know a lot of people are stressed right now and this is a great workout to help you get centered. Use this as a way to decompress and focus ...

  • Half Kettlebell / Half Without KB Workout - WEEK 3, DAY 3

    Do this on WEEK 3, Day 3 of the Trifecta Strength Program.
    Calendar Guide for the Trifecta Program:
    We'll go back and forth between moves that use a Kettlebell and those that don't in this 25 minute workout! I love mixing up some of the same m...

  • It's A Zoo Workout - WEEK 3, DAY 4

    Have some fun with these animal-inspired moves!
    Lizards and Camels and Bears, oh-my :)
    Lots of really great moves that will get you connected to the ground and give you a complete, total body workout.
    Follow-along in the first round to practice and walk through all of the moves.

    Rounds 2 and 3 a...

  • Power Star Lunge Workout - WEEK 4, DAY 3

    We always start and end with breathwork. In this workout I've included rest time in between each round.
    You'll do the first move 5 x's in a row for a minute each and then repeat that for the 2nd move.
    We'll th...

  • Fullbody Move at Every Angle Workout - WEEK 4, DAY 4

    :30 Secs for each move, rest after you go through a full round!
    Do as many of the movement as you can during the :30 Seconds.
    It's not about quantity - it's QUALITY!
    Film yourself so you can see where you need to make adjustments. It's a great way to progress in your movement practice!
    Aim for ...