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Beginner Program - Concept #4: Combo #2

VenusFit Beginner Program • 2m 19s

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  • Concept #4 - Breathwork - COOL DOWN

    Do this Breathwork after completing exercises from Concept #4.
    You can also use this to start a workout OR use on its own as a meditation!

  • Beginner Concept #5 - EYES IN RELATIO...


    Eyes are the window to the soul... And the safety lookout for the brain when it comes to movement.

    80-85% of how we take in information from the world is through our eyes.

    The eyes are like a camera which takes a picture and send the information back t...

  • Beginner Program - Concept #5: Exerci...

    Always keep the Concept # / Chapter in mind as you do each exercise.
    In general you will be doing:
    1 minute ON (work time) X 3 ROUNDS
    :30 seconds REST
    Your choice to do them back-to-back or as a circuit.
    So you could do 3 ROUNDS of Circle of Water - back-to-back, then move to the next movement in...