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Beginner Program - Concept #3: Combo #2

VenusFit Beginner Program • 2m 23s

Up Next in VenusFit Beginner Program

  • Concept #3 - Breathwork - COOL DOWN

    Do this Breathwork after completing exercises from Concept #3.
    You can also use this to start a workout OR use on its own as a meditation!

  • Beginner Concept #4 - CORE/GROUND REL...


    Where your center of mass is in relation to your foundation is your core/ground relationship.

    Active stacking is how we manipulate movement with that relationship.

    Movement we will be exploring...

    5-piece Burpee - Drilling stacking in 5 ...

  • 5-Piece Burpee - Step-by-Step

    A simple guide to walk you through the 5-Piece Burpee.

    This exercise is ALL about your relationship to the ground and properly stacking your body.

    Try this exercise for 1-minute straight... then move to 2 mins. Then try for 3!

    This is a full body exercise pattern that you can test yourself to ...