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Beginner Program - Breathwork (Short Version)

Beginner Program & Strength + Flow Combo Series • 2m 24s

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  • Beginner Program - Breathwork (long v...

    BREATHWORK - Full Explanation

    Don't skip Breathwork, DO IT DAILY! EVEN ON REST DAYS.

    360 Degree Horizontal Breathing - use your hands, a towel, a jacket, a resistance band, anything you can wrap around your waist & your lower ribs to help your find the sensation of breathing 360 Degrees Horizon...

  • Beginner Concept #1 - CREATING SPACE ...


    We need space in order to move.

    It's a simple concept but we usually only hear this in the yoga world but movement is movement it applies to all areas of when we move our body whether we are doing yoga, weight training, dance, or any fitness style.


  • Beginner Program - Concept #1: Exerci...

    Always keep the Concept # / Chapter in mind as you do each exercise.

    In general you will be doing:

    1 minute ON (work time) X 3 ROUNDS

    :30 seconds REST

    Your choice to do them back-to-back or as a circuit.

    So you could do 3 ROUNDS of Cat/Cow - back-to-back, then move to the next movement in th...